Gelish. Performs like Gel. Applies like Polish.

Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish

We have over 200 different colours of Gelish with every shade from Go Girl to Do You Harajuku?

Gelish is applied just like a nail polish and cures under a LED lamp in 30 seconds, so you can reach for your keys without fear of any chips or smudging. Your nails will last about 2 – 3 weeks and can be easily removed by soaking for 15 minutes.

Gelish is not tested on animals.



Gelish PolyGel

The Superwoman of nail enhancers, Gelish PolyGel is a brand new product in the nail industry. She’s stronger, lighter and more flexible than acrylic and hard gels, and is here to protect your delicate nails from evil. Gelish PolyGel is perfect for natural nail overlays and French tips.  

  • Up to 21 days wear
  • Odourless
  • No airborne dust
  • Stronger than hard gel
  • Lighter than acrylic and hard gel
  • More flexible than acrylics
  • PolyGel is only available to PolyGel trained nail techs

The team at Gel-Licious Nails completed training in October 2017 and are super excited to bring this new service to the salon. As this is a new product for the nail industry, please bare with us while we perfect our skills - this service must be arranged directly with the salon until available to book online.



The IBX System

We offer the amazing IBX System treatment – creating nail strength with within.

This treatment is fantastic for those who suffer from problematic natural nails, from either health issues or simply just have unhealthy nails. IBX Repair is a Two Part Nail Repair System used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth. IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth and with multiple treatments, it can help fill up deep grooves resulting in a smoother nail. 


Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer

Morgan Taylor is a highly proclaimed nail polish company with plenty of immaculate nail lacquers to choose from, also with there chip resistant formula and free of harmful ingredients its a fantastic product that we are proud to use.

Available to Purchase

At the Gel-Licious Nails salon we stock a range of excellent products including:

  • Morgan Taylor professional nail lacquers (full size and minis)
  • Gelish Nourish Cuticle oil
  • Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail remover kits
  • A range of nail files 




We have recently created and introduced 'Nail Rehab Kits' which is a must have for ladies wishing to keep their hands and nails in tip, top shape between appointments and includes:

  • Morgan Taylor, Go ahead and Grow - A healthy base support for weak and damaged nails. This natural all-in-one nail treatment and basecoat is the perfect foundation to help nails reach their full potential. Keratin and vitamin E promote harder, longer, stronger nails
  • Gelish Nourish Cuticle oil - Rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail.
  • Dadi Lotion Hand Cream - Luxury lotion packed with the highest-quality oils and nutrients including: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tocophero (Natural Vitamin E) - making your skin happy.

The BonBon Factory

We’re proud to be a stockist for Bonbon, who create delicious products that are 100% Vegan. Why are they 100% Vegan? They are because they can, they have the technology to bring you all of these delightful quality products that do what they say they will, without using animals in any way. Isn’t that delightful? Doesn’t that make you feel good? It is a choice they have made to bring you the best products made with goodness.

We stock the a huge range of BonBon products in the salon including:

  • Lip Balms - Fudge, Lollie, Mango
  • Lip Scrub - Cinnamon 
  • Face Wash Whip - Mocha
  • Body Wash Whips - Choc Mint
  • Body Wash Whip and Scrub - Lemon Tart, Peach Crumble, Creme Brulee
  • Body Wash Mousse - Birthday Cake, 
  • Body Wash and Shave Mousse - Unicorn Fluff
  • Bath Bombs - Sherbet, Unicorn Bubble Pop, Relax Bubble Blocks
  • Gelato Scrubs - Vanilla, Raspberry, Orange
  • Tingles Bath Fizz - Blue Lemonade, Pineapple
  • Body Butters - Pavlova Vanilla Whip, Peaches and Cream, Hot Chocolate
  • Body Wash - Milk and Cookies, 
  • Air Fresheners - Banana Shake, Lemon Shake, Unicorn Shake
  • Mask Stick - Blackhead and Pore Mask
  • Hush Bunny - Whipped cream
  • Shave Bar - The Queen of Shaves
  • Moisturiser - Moisturiser Fluff
  • Vegan Deodrant - Butter Balm

And so much more, visit the salon to check out the fabulous BonBon range.



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