Gel Polish Options:

Lickity-split Gelish Mani (40 minutes) $50.00

Ladies on the go, this is for you. We can squeeze you into 40 minutes without overlooking a nail, or missing out on that much needed pampering. 

Receive a file, cuticle work, gel polish application (one colour only) and gorgeous hand cream.

Gelish Mani $55.00 

Take some me-time and indulge in being hands free. Perfect if you want an original design, or something with a bit more WOW!

Receive a file, cuticle work, gel polish application and gorgeous hand cream.

Gelish Mani - French $65.00

Take some me-time and indulge in being hands free. Perfect if you're after that fresh, classic look of white painted french tips.

Receive a file, cuticle work, gel polish application and gorgeous hand cream.

Technicians Choice Gelish Mani $65.00

Let us surprise you! Give the nail technician free reign on your nails. All the work we've been dying to try, and simply don't have enough fingernails. Are you brave enough?

Receive a file, cuticle work, gel polish application and gorgeous hand cream - plus any prints, glitter, crystals used by your technician included.

Gelish repair $5.00

Repair, per nail.

Gelish Removal $20.00

Gel polish removal and tidy only.

This service is for the removal of gel nails only, if you have any other form of enhancement on your nail (e.g. acrylic) an additional $10.00 fee will be applicable.


Using gorgeous pedicure spa products and Morgan Taylor professional nail lacquer, treat your toes to some well deserved pampering.

Lickity-split Pedi - $60.00

Ladies on the go, this is for you. We can squeeze you into 40 minutes without overlooking a toe nail so that you can still enjoy that much needed pampering.

Receive a soak, file, cuticle work and Morgan Taylor professional nail lacquer application.

Pedi-Licious - $80.00

Take some me-time and indulge yourself and your toes.

Receive a soak, cuticle work, file and shape, heel buff, scrub and massage - finished off with your choice of Morgan Taylor professional nail lacquer.

Gelish Polygel:

The Superwomen of nail enhancers, Gelish Polygel is a new product in the nail industry. She's stronger, lighter and more flexible than acrylic and hard gels, and is here to protect your delicate nails from evil. 

PolyGel - Natural overlay $75.00

Choose a natural overlay for extra strength and supreme gloss.

PolyGel - Sculpted / Tips $90.00

We can enhance your nails with length by either sculpting or using tips - this service includes a natural overlay or gel polish to finish your look.

PolyGel - French $20.00

Add 'French' to your PolyGel service to get that classic look with a range of perfect French colours.

PolyGel - Infill only $80.00

PolyGel - Removal only $30.00

PolyGel - Repair $10.00

Repair, per nail.

Strengthen/Maintenance Options:

IBX Repair First application $15.00
and Maintenance applications $10.00

IBX is a protective shield for the natural nail and designed to be applied under gel polish. IBX can also be used as a natural nail strengthening system, to help grow natural nails more readily on their own.

Gelish – Structure Gel $5.00

Applied under gel polish to reinforce, strengthen, enhance nail or repair damaged nail plate.

Nail Rehab:

6-Week Programme $120.00

Are your nails dry, splitting, peeling? Send them to rehab with our 6-week rehab programme - this includes IBX treatments and products to indulge your hands and nails in TLC.

  • Week 1: IBX First Application and receive your 'Nail Rehab Kit'
  • Week 2 - 6: IBX Maintenance applications 

Important: You need to commit to weekly appointments to complete this programme.

Nail Art Options:

Stamping FREE for two nails and then 50c per nail 

A huge range of fabulous stamping designs available.

Loose Glitter $1.00 per nail

Full sparkles or gradient effect.

Chrome / Holographic $2.50 per nail

Stunning and dazzling over any gel polish colour.

Swarovski Crystals 0.50c per crystal

Genuine Swarovski crystal gems.

Feature Nails $2.00 per nail

Simple nail art designs, foils, decals, tape and embellishments.

Detail Nails $3.00 per nail

Intricate nail art designs

We recommend these 'At Home Extras' to keep your nails in tip, top shape:

Gel Nail Removal Kit $20.00

An easy to use ‘at home’ removal kit for your gel nails, with everything you need to remove your nails safely. This pack has enough product to remove two sets of gel nails.

Cuticle Oil $15.00

Rehydrates and restores essential oils in cuticles and skin surrounding the nail with a unique blend of oils. 

Cancellation Policy:

We all get busy, and we understand that special circumstances are unavoidable, and a cancellation of your appointment may be necessary. If you find yourself unable to keep an appointment, we kindly request 24 hours’ notice. This courtesy enables us to schedule another client in this time. If 24 hours’ notice isn’t given or you simply do not show up, you will need to pre-pay your next service cost to secure another appointment.

Please ensure you are on time for your appointment. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we cannot guarantee we will be able to complete your service.

Any payment or deposit paid for your appointment is non-refundable and will be placed on an account with us. This is transferable and can be used for future appointments or product purchases.

As cancellations and ‘no shows’ have a significant impact on us, we need to enforce our cancellation policy and trust you understand our need to do so.

By ticking the box, you confirm you've read our terms.

For the health and safety of young ones please do not bring children under the age of 10 into the salon. Late night appointments are available to cater for parents.

Every product we use should be removed professionally, or with a removal kit we can supply to help prevent unintended natural nail damage